Paris Volley Loisirs

Welcome to volleyball player of all backgrounds !



Registrations and the first session will be on thurday 5 september 2019

For new people:

You must come to the gymnasium and registrer the 5 september, from 19H30, and bring all registrations elements (registrations documents). Warning! there is few places available. We will registrer people according to the arrival order. Additionnal persons and incomplete documents will be placed on the waiting list.

Pour les members with a reserved place :

If you confirmed the place, you can come from 20h with your registration form and the 50€ fee.

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About Paris Volley Loisirs

Our goal

The Paris Volley Loisirs is a sports association whose goal is the practice of Volleyball in leisure.

There are no coaches and we do not compete.

We just play for fun, mixed. Practicing the sport is open to all depending on availabilities

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Typical session in Paris Volley Loisirs

1- Warm-up and stretching

Beginning of the session at 8:30 p.m : In Paris Volley Loisirs there is no coach, so each player prepares as they please. We recommend doing a few laps in the room followed by stretches of all body parts that will be worked, in order to avoid injury. If you need to, do not hesitate to ask the facilitator or a more experienced player to advise you on the recommended stretches for volleyball.

Image étirement musculaires


2- Spikes & Services

After warming up, we pair up to practice spiking/defending before spiking at the net. We then proceed to serving before getting to the heart of the matter. Likewise, if you are a complete beginner, do not hesitate to ask for advice or explanations in order to improve your own serve.

We play for fun in a coeducational environment. Practicing the sport is open to all depending on availabilities.

photo volleyeurs

spiking, bumping and serving

3- Matchs

Depending on the number of players present on game-day, we will make small teams and play. Generally, teams are composed of three or four players, and we play on two or three different courts. Each game lasts 15 minutes and is played with a tournament structure. Each team plays againt each other at least once. The matches finish at 10:15 p.m. Shower in the locker room. We must leave the gym by 10:30 p.m latest.

photo volleyeurs


Become a member

How to join ?

All you have to do to sign up, is show up to practice with the following documents:

1 - Print and fill in the registration form. Download this registration form

2 - One photo ID (Your full name must appear on the back)

3 - 50 € to cover the annual subscription (cash or bank check for PVL)

4 - A medical certificate that insure that you can pratcice sport in leisure (less that 3 years old)

Please note that no registration will be considered without a complete file.


The annual fee is the same for all:

50 € / Cash or bank check to PVL (Paris Volley Loisirs)

We play for fun in a coeducational environment. Practicing the sport is open to all depending on availabilities.




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8:30 p.m

Welcoming the players

We welcome players and enter the gymnasium to start warming up with each going at their own. This will take about half an hour.

9:00 p.m

Starting the matchs

After warming up, we make teams and start playing. We challenge a different team about every 15 minutes.

10:15 p.m

Matchs end

We stop playing and leave the gymnasium.

Showers are available in the locker rooms.

10:30 p.m

We leave the gym

All the players must leave the gymnasium by 10:30 p.m at latest. Assuring the respect of the schedule guarantee that we make the most of the timeframe.

Access map


Gymnasium "Henri de Montherlant" 32 Boulevard Lannes 75016 PARIS

Note: Please do not send registration files to this address, it is not our main office. We only accept files given in person.

RER, Bus, Metro

RER C : Avenue Foch


Métro Line 2 : Porte Dauphine

By the road

Boulevard Périphérique exit at "Porte Dauphine", at the round about, take the direction "Porte de la Muette" (Boulevard Lannes)

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